The increased Industrialization and Urbanisation have expanded many opportunities.

But on the other hand, we are causing great destruction to the environment. We, humans, have polluted the air, land, and water.

The causes of pollution can be human-made, natural, or industrial emissions. The harmful pollutants released into the bodies cause pollution.

Pollution can have harmful effects on humans, plants, animals, and aquatic life.

Industrial pollutants are the main source of pollution due to an increase in demand for products which leads to large scale production. Industrial air pollution should be controlled or else it would lead to degradation of the quality of air. Industrial pollutants not only pollute the outdoor air but also pollute the indoor air which can adversely affect the health and performance of the employees. This provides a poor working environment for the employees.

Hence it is important to keep a check on the level of emissions and pollutants that the industry is releasing and the industries should set up an air filtration system to ensure air quality and reduce the level of harmful emissions.

What does an Industrial Air Filtration system do?

Air Filtration systems help in filtering the air from airborne particles such as dust, fumes, particles, etc. which improves the quality of air that we breathe. Industrial Air filtration system eliminates dust and other pollutants which improves the quality of air and promotes the health, safety, and productivity of the employees.

CanOpus is into Dust Extraction, Reliability Services, Flow Measurements, and Ambient Air Monitoring.
Our services team helps the client to improve operational efficiency and reduced carbon footprint.

Some of our products are:
Industrial Dust, Fume & Mist: We are the well known and most trusted Industrial Dust Collector suppliers in India dealing with high-performance dust collectors.

1. Industrial Dust Collectors: Our wide range of industrial dust collectors includes portable and compact dust extraction systems that cover a broad spectrum of dust particles that significantly improve the air quality and helps in enhancing efficiency and productivity.

2. Emission Monitoring: Emission Monitoring Systems monitors the level of pollutants in the air released from the industrial exhausts. The air quality monitoring equipment measures the air quality, levels of criteria pollutants, and other harmful gases and toxins in the air. Our products have been monitoring the air quality and minimizing the release of pollutants and harmful toxins in the air.

3. Gas Turbine Filtration: Inlet air quality is a major factor in the overall performance and durability of Gas Turbines. Our air filtration products and improved filter systems for gas turbines are best in class with the latest technologies providing higher filtration efficiency.

4. Gas Phase Filtration: Gas-phase filtration essentially covers the removal of the harmful, nuisance, and toxic gases from the air making the environment cleaner and purer with specialized media and chemical substrate.

5. Microbial Filtration: We deal with products and solutions that are the result of scientific research and innovation. These revolutionary microbial filters are recognized and trusted as the air quality experts.

The right air filtration system helps in controlling pollution, improves business productivity and growth. It also reduces the risk of health problems and provides a good working environment for the employees.

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