Emission Monitoring

Emission Monitoring

Emission Monitoring Systems monitors the level of pollutants in the air released from the industrial exhausts. The air quality monitoring equipment measures the air quality, levels of criteria pollutants, and other harmful gases and toxins in the air. This helps in significantly improving the industrial worker’s health and safety and product efficiency.

Our products have been monitoring the air quality and minimizing the release of pollutants and harmful toxins in the air. We strictly adhere to quality standards, industrial safety standards, use proven and reliable technology that ensures workers' safety and environmental standards.

Utilizing our wide range of gas analyzers, probes and other critical components required for unattended, long-term reliability, we design each system around your needs. Our integrated systems come standard with the essential connectivity options necessary for seamless communication between Thermo Scientific CEMS and plant data acquisition or distributed control systems.

When it comes to monitoring source gas emissions, we’ve got the instruments you need to stay in compliance. Our gas analyzers, with the iSeries Platform as a baseline, utilize a broad range of measurement technologies to monitor a complete spectrum of gases
Our Thermo Scientific Air Quality Monitoring Systems (AQMS) utilize the industry’s widest choice of ambient instrumentation, providing solutions that add flexibility and convenience to monitoring for the Environmental Compliance Industry and Researchers alike. Utilizing U.S. EPA and Internationally approved methods, as well as traditional and innovative technologies, our ambient line of Thermo Scientific products offers the most versatile instrumentation available today.
Our ambient instrumentation offering encompasses the technologies you’ve come to know and trust over the years such as TEOM (tapered element oscillating microbalance), Beta Attenuation and Chemiluminescence. Whether you are studying the effects of particulate on human health, or monitoring to complying with regulations for gaseous and aerosol pollutants, there is a Thermo Scientific instrument to meet your requirements.
The Thermo Scientific Model ADR1500 Dust Monitor utilizes the highly sensitive light-scattering photometer (nephelometer) technology as used in the Thermo Scientific™ pDR series. The intensity of the light scattered by airborne particles passing through the sensing chamber is linearly proportional to their concentration. This optical configuration produces optimal response to particles, providing continuous measurements of the concentrations of airborne particles for total particulate and cut-points ranging from PM10 down to PM1.
Quickly detect fugitive emissions of organic and inorganic compounds for Method 21 compliance, LDAR applications and site remediation with this lightweight, intrinsically safe portable gas leak detector. The Thermo Scientific™ TVA2020 Toxic Vapor Analyzer can be configured as an FID analyzer (flame ionization detector) or dual detection FID analyzer and PID analyzer (photo ionization detector). Key features include reduced response times, increased user-serviceability, and Bluetooth™ connectivity.
The Thermo Scientific™ Personal DataRAM pDR-1500 Portable Monitor is a fully integrated, real-time, high precision sampling instrument that provides maximum ease-of-use and increased operating time.
Monitor real-time coal dust exposure with a respirable, personal dust monitor designed specifically for U.S. based mining applications. The Thermo Scientific™ PDM3700 Personal Dust Monitor is equipped with waterproof battery protection, PC-based software for data downloading and reporting, integral charger with download and station for PC interface.

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We are committed to safe working practices and abide by the safety standards following customer facility regulations.

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Complete Emission Monitoring Solutions

Continuous Emission Monitoring System give a direct measurement of the emission associated with industrial process.
  • Gas Monitoring SO2, CO, CO2,O3, NOx, H2S, CH4, NH3, NMHC, THC, N2O
  • Utilized Technology Chemiluminescence, Pulsed Fluorescence, Non-Dispersive IR, UV Photometry, Flame Ionization Detection
  • Dilution Probe Extraction
  • Low Temp Umbilical
  • Traceable Permeation Source
  • Converts all traceable Ionic Mercury to its Elemental form
  • It measures VOC (volatile organic gas) Multi instrument calibrator. It uses FID (flame Ionization detection) and PID (photo Ionization detection). It can retain six years of calibrated data.
    Volumetric flow control Modular optics and long-life primary HEPA filter for ease of servicing Durable, weatherproof IP65 enclosure Cyclone is used for dust isolation and intake (vortex separation).
    Aerodynamic Particle Cut-Point Range 1.0 to 10μm Full compensation for environmental variables True volumetric flow control.
    Designed for mines area personal dust monitor According BMRC curve coal dust less than 7μm.



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