A Leadership Programme
for the Leaders of Tomorrow

Building Leaders with Passion!

The training focused on building the leaders of Tomorrow who can lead Can-Opus to higher vision. An opportunity to equip the emerging leaders of Can-Opus with the skills to transition from a high performer into a passionate leader.

High performing Team

Helping build high performing team with the right attitudes and actions across all the levels of Organizational; Alignment, Ownership and Accountability, Leadership Style, Collaboration and Cohesiveness, and Building High Trust Relationships.


Leadership Development Programme clubbed
with Learning Interaction Activities Engagement

Programme Agenda

Organizational Alignment

Deep dive into the organizational goals & value and
align themselves to the same.

Ownership & Accountability

Realise the importance of taking ownership and
practical frame work to practice work.

Leadership Style

Understanding the personal style of leadership.

Collaboration and Cohesiveness

Understand the various stages of group.
Forming, Norming, Storming, Performing.

Building High Trust Relationships

Power of concise, complete & timely communication.

SakkSham is all about training our Leaders to have a Clear Mindset. A mindset which makes them capable to stay focussed and have positive thinking.

Siddhartha Sharma

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