Condition Based Monitoring (CBM), or predictive maintenance is a particularly Important vertical in maintenance practices in today’s industry 4.0 An approach for the smooth functioning of machinery and equipment used in the industrial applications. CBM is an essential diagnostic approach that uses real-time data, surveillance testing, and analysis to identify any possible issue/ risk associated with the machinery operations at its early stage.

CanOpus is the Proud CBM service Provider to the Only Manufacturing Unit to have made to the list of World Light‐House Network. The World Economic Forum honored The Kalinga Nagar plant of Tata Steel 3MTPA that has the highest standard of Predictive Maintenance Practices.

The integration of well-planned, periodic condition monitoring or predictive maintenance approach helps to:

Impending Equipment failure can be detected
Can prevent shutdown equipment
Ensures the safety of equipment as well as the human beings working around it
Test run with assessment before the equipment to failure
Production can be modified
Maintenance, labor, spares can be pre-planned
Root cause of failure detectable prior to breakdown
Plan design modifications if required with statistical data


Bringing the best in India in the CBM industry together at TATA
ACOEM, Emerson & Erbessd is Vibration Technology Partner of CanOpus for TATA Group, SDT Group, Partner for Ultrasound Analysis
Single Peak Lube Technology & TRICO, Partner for Critical Oil analysis, High-End Lab at TATA Plants in Angul & Kalinga Nagar
Complete team of 6 Experts, 8 Service Engineers & 6 Support Engineers to serve round the clock Vibration Analysis, Alignment, NDT, Thermography, Flow, Ultrasound and Oil Sample Collections for 11.3 MTPA Steel Plants of TATA Group


Expert Team

Trained and certified engineers performing the highest standards of testing methods and procedures.

Worker's Safety

We utilize the monitoring tools to identify the machinery risk and safety of workers.

24×7 Remote Monitoring

We are proactive and support with 24X7 monitoring of the machinery health.

Technological Advancement

We use the latest technology for sensing, telecommunications, and microelectronics to help in the monitoring service.


CBM = Cost Savings + Improved Machine Health + Performance Optimization

At CanOpus, we use the most modern, state-of-the-art technology, innovative instrumentations, most updated software, as per various international standards. Find ourselves unique because of Our expert team in the Industry, who are well trained and certified to perform the highest standards of testing methods and procedures. This team keeps Learning & Growing with the latest skills & theories from the masters of the technology to provide our customers with better solutions.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

At CanOpus, development and use of SOPs are an integral part of our successful quality system. Our technical and service engineers are trained with regards to the set SOPs & adhere to the safety standards & protocols.

Safety is our priority. As appropriate we use essential PPEs such as safety shoe, safety helmet, safety goggles, dust mask, hand gloves, gas detector, etc. as appropriate.
Get the job clearance/ work permit from the concerned department in charge. Awareness induction is imparted regarding concerned equipment.
Clearly Identify the scope of inspection. Follow the Standard Procedures for working at Confined space as per standard norms.
Clearly Identify the scope of the inspection and carry out the identified CBM Technique with utmost care and safety.
Immediately report to the customer dept. representative/officer, if any abnormality/ issue observed at site.
After the job completion, the clearance form to be returned with the sign by authorized departmental person.
Upon completion of the examination, a detailed report is created and shared as per the prescribed format. All restrictions which limit the effectiveness of the test must be recorded and discussed.
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