CanOpus is the most trusted brand in India in delivering services and solutions that are cost-effective, and energy saving. Our focus has always been into process optimization, and improving the efficiency and durability of the machineries and equipment. To know more about our products & services, please do check: http://can-opus.com/product & http://can-opus.com/services
Being a focused engineering services company, we have always prioritized offering a comprehensive and a holistic solution to our customers. From the process understanding, engineering consulting, product and services suggestion to innovative design solutions, we offer it all. Our expert team in the Industryare well trained and certified to perform the highest standards of testing methods and procedures. Know more about us: http://can-opus.com/about
Our service and product offerings serve a broad spectrum of industries by bringing the best-in-class innovative solutions across: Metal & Machining, Agriculture, Food & Beverage, Petrochemical, Industrial Processing, Wood, Paper & Pulp, Power, Mining & Minerals, Fertilizers.
At CanOpus Engineering Services, we engage in a value-based approach in partnering. Identifying the aligned goals and objectives of the association between our partners helps us strategize the road map of scaling better heights in the association. Our business growth is the result of our strategic selection of our partners around the world. Partner with us: http://can-opus.com/partnering
At CanOpus, we use the most modern, state-of-the-art technology, innovative instrumentations, most updated software, as per various international standards. Find ourselves unique because of our expert team in the Industry, who are well trained and certified to perform the highest standards of testing methods and procedures. This team keeps Learning & Growing with the latest skills & theories from the masters of the technology to provide our customers with better solutions.
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CanOpus is the Proud CBM service Provider to the Only Manufacturing Unit to have made to the list of World Light‐House Network. CBM is an essential diagnostic approach that uses real-time data, surveillance testing, and analysis to identify any possible issue/ risk associated with the machinery operations at its early stage.
The integration of well-planned, periodic condition monitoring or predictive maintenance approach helps to:
  • Impending Equipment failure can be detected
  • Can prevent shutdown
  • Ensures the safety of equipment as well as the human beings working around it
  • Test run with assessment before the equipment runs into failure
  • Production can be Enhanced
  • Maintenance, labour, spares can be pre-planned
  • Root cause of failure detectable prior to breakdown
  • Plan design modifications if required with statistical data
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    At CanOpus, we bring you bunch of Ail Filtration Solutions. One of them is Capturing Microbials in our Filter and destroying them. These are Anti – Microbial filters approved by FDA and have efficiency of 99.9% against SARS viruses as well. They can be supplied in an Air Sanitisation Unit, a Nose Mask or as cabinet for HVAC
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    Donaldson DE system can be used in the industries like – Agriculture, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Industrial Processing, Metal Fabrication & Machining, Mining & Mineral Processing, Pharmaceuticals, Waste & Recycling.
    DE system can be used where Industrial Dust, Mist & Fumes are generated.The applications like Conveyor Transfer Points, Silo venting system, Torpedo, Material Handling units, Recycling Plant, Abrasive blasting, Laser cutting, Grab Unloader, Elevator Head, Crusher Discharge on belt conveyor, Coal Drying application are most common where our DE System delivers committed dust reduction by Extraction methodology.
    For designing a DE system some input parameters are required such as:
  • Type of Dust
  • Air Temperature, Density and Altitude
  • Moisture Content
  • Airflow
  • Gas Analysis
  • Mode & Duration of Operation
  • Physical Constraints and Accessibility
  • Services Available (Compressed Air and Power)
  • We provide Daily check list and preventive maintenance list such as Monitor Exhaust of Fan to ensure filter Integrity, Pressure Drop, Filter pressure drop pneumatic Lines, Pneumatic Plant Compressed Air Supply, Electrical checks, Verify conditions of Filters, Check fan and motor etc.
    Donaldson Power core and Dalamatic dust collector extracts the dusts like – Sinter Dust, Coal & Coke Dust, Lime Dust, Phosphate dust etc.
    Two to three times longer bag life , Energy savings due to lower pressure drop, Reduced replacement bag and maintenance costs due to longer bag life.
    At CanOpus our focus has always been dealing with products that not only add to the machinery performance but also significantly improve its efficiency. With this objective, we deal with products that help in energy efficiency,power density, with ease of servicing and electronification. These high-quality products help in power transmissions, avoid accidental overloads (if any), reduce stoppages & breakage, and reduce operation maintenance and repair.
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    For selection of a coupling some parameters are needed such as, For which application coupling will use, Motor Ratings, Speed of Motor, Coupling will fit vertical or Horizontal, DBSE, Both DE & NDE side shaft diameter and key way details, Space between DE & NDE.
    Gear couplings are mechanical components to connect shaft ends and eliminate the misalignments. The most important element of the gear coupling is the hub which is an external gear having crowned teeth. The crowned teeth on the hub are typically produced by bobbing. It is Case Hardened to accommodate maximum Torque transmission without damaging the shaft. Know more: http://can-opus.com/services
    Shore Hardness is a measure of the resistance a material has to indentation and is also commonly used for 'softer' plastics such as polyolefins, fluoropolymers, and vinyl. The Shore A scale is used for 'softer' rubbers while the Shore D scale is used for 'harder' ones.
    Yes, we can replace torque limiter with the coupling where the customer needs to stop the machine when torque will be higher than allowable limits.
    Inlet air quality is a major factor of the overall performance and durability of Gas Turbines. Our air filtration products and improved filter systems for gas turbines are best in class with latest technologies providing higher filtration efficiency. Our trained and skilled engineers and technicians have hands on experience on the installation, management and service of gas turbines. We greatly emphasize on the complete installation, inspection and the performance of the gas turbines.
  • Dedicated Support
  • Secured and on time installation
  • Simple and easy maintenance
  • Best-in-class innovative technology
  • In the entire process we are very much particular about the safety and the on-time schedule. Know more: http://can-opus.com/gas-turbine-filtration
    Industrial flow measurements include measuring the industrial fluids and gases covering water, natural gas, steam, mineral oil, chemicals, etc. Our flow and level instrumentations are custom engineered and built specifically with the latest technologies. Our products are best in class and are manufactured by the global leaders in pressure, level, and flow measurement technology. Our wide range of comprehensive solutions is based on high-quality metering systems for level measurement and flow measurement as well as application-oriented measurement systems.
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