Screw Pumps

Screw Pumps

We deal with high-quality, German engineered Pumps that operate to maximizing efficiency for all your pumping needs. The high-efficiency screw pumps are the result of continuous research and development in the industrial requirement of fluid handling applications and instruments.

Our products in screw pumps are powerful, efficient, and reliable with a complete focus in application engineering with the following benefits:

Engineering Excellence
Advanced Technology
Innovative Design
High Flow Rate
Compact & Space-saving Installations
Long Service Life
A screw pump is a self-priming, rotary, valve less positive-displacement (PD) pump that use one or two pumping elements Rubber Stator and Metallic Rotorto move fluids or solids along the screw(s) axis.
Twin Screw Pumps are self-priming, double ended positive displacement pumps with external timing gears and bearings.
Triple Screw Pumps with external or internal bearing are available in horizontal or vertical constructions, with or without heating arrangements and have single mechanical seals for shaft sealing.

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