Industrial Dust, Fume & Mist

Industrial Dust, Fume & Mist

We are the well known and most trusted Industrial Dust Collector suppliers in India dealing with high-performance dust collectors.

Our wide range of industrial dust collectors includes portable and compact dust extraction systems that cover a broad spectrum of dust particles that significantly improve the air quality and helps in enhancing efficiency and productivity.

The Dalamatic line of collectors uses envelope shaped bags that provide extra snap during pulsing for use in especially challenging dust applications. The DLMC is a standalone collector with hopper, while the DLMV comes without hopper for use in bin venting and transfer point applications.
Donaldson Torit engineers its cartridge collectors to capture the broad spectrum of dust particles that can inhibit the production environment. From portable to central collectors, to source and ambient collectors, to booth-type collectors and weld benches, Donaldson Torit provides the most complete range of cartridge collectors that cost-effectively enhance productivity and manufacturing efficiency.
Torit® PowerCore® dust collectors with PowerCore® filter packs solve the industry’s need for better filtration, reduced operational cost, a smaller footprint, and easier maintenance. Less steel and oil are required to manufacture and transport collectors that are 50 - 70 percent smaller than traditional collectors. Clean-side filter pack access and fewer, lighter filter packs mean faster, easier filter changes without tools or filter cages. An optimized airflow management system delivers optimal pulse cleaning while minimizing airflow restriction.
PowerCore® Filter Packs combine the outstanding performance of Ultra-Web® filtration media technology with the enhanced PowerCore media configuration.
Donaldson® Torit® offers a complete line of Ultra-Web cartridge filters that last twice as long as or more than commodity cellulose and cellulose/synthetic (80/20) blend medias. The Ultra-Web surface-loading technology is scientifically proven to provide a lower operating pressure drop over a longer period of time, which allows the filter to last longer while requiring less energy.
The most significant advancement in baghouse filter technology is the development of Dura-Life™ bag filters. Bags made from Dura-Life™ media have increased efficiency, longer life, and lower maintenance costs. Dura-Life media – compared to standard polyester media – is engineered with a unique hydro-entanglement process that uses water to blend the fibers. This process creates a more uniform material with smaller pores, which results in better surface loading and superior cleaning.

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Filtration Solutions for Industrial Dust, Fume, and Mist

High performance mist collection is a must for manufacturers that generate coolant and machining oil mist in their applications. Uncollected mist leaves condensation and residue on floors, machines, walls and ceilings, creating a potentially unsafe and unclean manufacturing environment.
In welding operations, workers are in a daily contact with harmful weld fume particulate. Most of these particles are respirable (enter the lungs), which makes it critical to have reliable, high performance fume collectors, weld fume extraction and weld smoke filters that collect the fume before it reaches your welder’s breathing zone.



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